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laser therapy for pain


Low Level Laser Therapy or LLLT is the application of red or infra-red light over injuries or lesions to stimulate healing and give pain relief. It is simple and quick to apply as an adjunct to therapy by your physiotherapist.



Laser Therapy

According to Low Level Laser Therapy by Jan Turner & Lars Hode (Prima Books), low level laser therapy:

  1. Reduces pain by causing the production of natural pain killer endorphins.
  2. Reduces inflammation by suppressing inflammatory enzymes that create swelling, redness, pain, and heat and enhances the release of anti-inflammatory enzymes.
  3. Enhances lymphatic drainage, which increases circulation and speeds healing.
  4. Stimulates the release of helpful healing enzymes.
  5. Releases tight muscles (both smooth and striated) that create chronic pain, joint problems, and decreased mobility.
  6. Speeds bone repair by stimulating fibroblastic and osteoblastic proliferation.
  7. LLLT in the correct frequency appears to be antiviral, antifungal, and antiherpetic.

The photons emitted from the laser penetrate the bodies cells to stimulate the mitochondria to produce changes in cell membrane permeability and ATP production.



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