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What is Lifestyle Pilates?

Pilates in Manly QueenslandLifestyle Pilates is a unique wellbeing and conditioning exercise program. It is an innovative blend of traditional Pilates with the most up-to-date spinal stability research. Based on the Clinical Pilates method, it has been developed by leading medical professionals and is well suited to both injured and healthy populations. It is extremely adaptable and safe for anyone of any age, body type and fitness level. Its practice will help you achieve better posture and endurance that will ensure better performance of everyday activities, sports and recreation.


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Benefits of Lifestyle Pilates

  1. Improved posture and body awareness
  2. Improved core stability to support the spine
  3. Stronger, longer and more toned muscles (without the bulking or stress on joints)
  4. Excellent foundation for more vigorous exercise and weight loss
  5. Smoother and more efficient movements
  6. Improved co-ordination, balance and flexibility
  7. Reduction in the recurrence and incidence of injuries
  8. Enhanced body-mind connection
  9. Lifestyle Pilates is the perfect compliment to cardio-vascular exercise

Lifestyle Pilates is available in two formats


Matwork-based Pilates is taught in a class situation and is an excellent introduction to Pilates. You will learn the basic principles of core stability, posture setting and dissociation of spinal and peripheral movements in a closely monitored, fun setting. This is an excellent way of adding variety to your current exercise program or a great first step to return to physical activity.

If you are new to Pilates you must start with the Beginner classes after which you can move to Progressive. The Progressive classes include more advanced exercises and introduce equipment such as pilates ball, foam rollers and theraband. When you book your matwork-based Pilates session (classes sold in a block of 10) you will be required to fill in a screening form. For your personal safety a pre-class screening assessment and personal Pilates introduction is compulsory. This is to avoid some of the complications that can arise from performing Pilates with poor form which you can learn more about here.


Equipment-based Pilates is performed on specialised equipment namely the reformer and the trap table. These provide simultaneous support and resistance to the body. It is a more specific and controlled way of exercising where progress is closely monitored to achieve optimum technique and performance. It is highly suitable for those with specific needs whether they be rehabilitation after injury, sports specific conditioning or anyone who wants the edge and enjoys a varied and challenging workout.

To give you the best possible start in equipment-based Pilates you will be required to attend three one hour oneon-one sessions. The first session will involve an initial assessment and you will be taught the basic principles of Pilates. In the next two sessions, you will be given your individually tailored program and a home exercise program. This will give you the peace of mind that you are minimising the risk of injury through poor technique and maximising the health benefits you receive from your Pilates training program. Following this stage you will be able to participate in supervised small group sessions (up to 3 participants).

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