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About Lifestyle Therapies


Treating chronic, complex and repetitive pain, it’s our reason for being, it’s what we do! The focus of Lifestyle Therapies is to identify, treat and remedy the source of your condition while at the same time use cutting edge technology and lifestyle approaches to address the symptoms.


Principal physiotherapist Dianne Hermans has over 20 years professional experience and is a world authority on neuromagnetic pain elimination. You can read about some of our other advanced treatment protocols throughout this website.



Dianne is not currently seeing patients, if you prefer to see a physiotherapist experienced with using Q magnets, we recommend Angela Melit at Graceville Physiotherapy.


While providing the best possible treatment protocols is important for treating pain, there is no substitute for highly skilled practitioners. Intuition, innovation and advanced problem solving skills have to be an integral part of a skilled clinician’s repertoire when treating complex cases.


If you suffer from pain and are ready to adopt a health lifestyle, call Lifestyle Therapies on 3396 9111 now to make an appointment.


It will be our privilege to assist you in your journey to live a productive and healthy life.


Lifestyle Therapies offers a multi-disciplined professional approach to the most important aspects of people's health.

The Lifestyle Therapies Seven Pillars of a Healthy Productive Life

1. Exercise and Rest
2. Optimum Nutrition
3. Nutritional Supplementation
4. Balanced Hormones
5. Managing Stress
6. Reduced Exposure to Toxins
7. A Life with Purpose

You have access to a range of health professionals providing professional services such as Doctors practicing Lifestyle Medicine, Physiotherapists practicing Lifestyle Physiotherapy and Pilates, a Dietitian/Exercise Physiologist and Massage Therapists.



Our clinic is famous for:

  1. Treating complex and difficult to treat pain, helping patients live pain free.
  2. Weight Loss, especially assisting those who find it very difficult.
  3. Exercise prescription and helping patients to overcome pain as a barrier to exercise.
  4. Our close working relationship with author Dr Sandra Cabot. Dr Cabot commuted from Sydney to consult with patients here from 2003 to 2006.
  5. Natural Bio-identical Hormone Replacement by doctors and effectively treating menopause.
  6. Lifestyle Medicine.

Images of the Jabez House in Manly West

Jabez House in Manly West

Entrance to Lifestyle Therapies

Garden at Jabez House in Manly West

Massage Room at Jabez House

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