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myofascial releases or trigger point therapy

Trigger Points are sites within muscle where the muscle fibres become taut and painful. After a stressful day your muscles in your neck and shoulder may become very tight and resistant to stretching. Electrical studies show that the tightness is due to the trigger points and not muscle spasm.


Once present, trigger points will not go away unless treated, although sometimes they become asymptomatic (you don't notice them). Trigger points are a cause of pain, stiffness, joint restriction and joint compression and left untreated can lead to joint degeneration. This is why it's so important that they are treated as soon as possible.


Secondary trigger points may occur in areas removed from the original problem muscle due to altered movement patterns. Certain factors will cause trigger points to persist, these include:

• incorrect postures
• repeated overload or overuse

• poor furniture design

• prolonged pressure on muscles
• cigarette smoking

• alcohol dependence

• vitamin and mineral deficiencies

• high caffeine intake

• thyroid gland dysfunction


Physiotherapists at Lifestyle Therapies use many techniques for treating trigger points.






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