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pyramid of performance REDUCE PAIN - RESTORE FUNCTION




The Pyramid Of Performance provides a safe and progressive conditioning program, focusing on optimal muscle firing sequences, stability and optimal joint performance. Each physical task we perform is a reflection of our preparation. To overcome pain and minimise the risk of further injury, the foundations need to be built in succession.



The health of your body right now, your muscles, tendons, joints, bones, heart, your nervous, vascular, lymphatic and immune system.


Find out more about Foundations here.



Tight muscles compress the spine and joints causing arthritis and chronic joint pain. Flexible muscles are critical for pain free living.



Stability is your body’s ability to withstand the mechanical forces of movement without becoming injured.



Our body will always attempt to recruit the required strength to complete a physical task. The weakest link is always at risk of injury.



Power is producing strength at speed. Without the proper preparation, producing power will lead to musculoskeletal injury.



How we perform each physical task is a reflection of our preparation.



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