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The dream of tailor-made HRT is now a reality

During the 80’s women were made to feel that menopause required long-term use of large doses of synthetic hormones. Although this has now been shown to be wrong, many women still find themselves in the dilemma of “I don’t feel safe with HRT, but I don’t feel well or feminine without any hormones”.

Natural bio-identical hormones can now be given in forms that enable a tailor-made script to match your needs and blood test results. The use of lower dose hormones eliminates over prescription and makes it much safer. Lifestyle Therapies offers experienced medical practitioners practicing lifestyle medicine to prescribe bio-identical hormones. Doctors include the famous Dr Sandra Cabot, Dr Ibolya Szucs and Dr Len van Ingen.

Changes that may experience with HRT

As with all forms of HRT, your menstrual periods may begin again. Generally they gradually diminish until they are of nuisance spotting value only.

What else should I know?

If you experience any heavy bleeding, please call our clinic immediately. If you experience any vascular symptoms such as leg pain, headache, etc, please call us. We are here to help and advise. There are some people who can never take the HRT in any form and unfortunately there is no way of knowing who they are until they take some.

Natural supplements for menopause

As an adjunct to your natural HRT, Dr Cabot also recommends the use of;

  1. A natural Phyto-oestrogen product called
  2. FemmePhase capsules(take before meals)
  3. Natural Vitamins E 500iu taken twice daily before meals)
  4. Magnesium complete, 2 every night before bed
  5. 2 teaspoons flaxseed oil daily
  6. Drink 8 glasses of water daily

Everything old is new again!

Many pharmacies are “going back to the future”. This means that once again your medications are compounded and are made exactly as they were in childhood. They are created from scratch.

The apothecary in the 1800’s used to mix and make all of the prescriptions by hand. Then of course the drug companies came on the scene and provided ready-made products in set doses and so we the patients had to live with whatever doses the products came in.

These new methods of delivering hormones are a breakthrough for women who have previously found ready-made products either too strong or have caused side effects.

These modern tailored products can be matched to your precise needs and metabolism. They are easily adjusted over time depending on your individual response.

The troche-lozenge

These revolutionary products are available in a “troche” which is essentially a small square lozenge. This is then placed between the gum and cheek to dissolve.

The creams

These are generally made in a base of macadamia nut or other natural creams or oils. They should also contain Aloe Vera which helps carry the product deep into the skin. The place to use them is on the abdomen, inner arm and inner thigh. Use according to the prescribed dose.

It is important to realise that your local pharmacy will not be able to make these products! They are prescription only. The closest pharmacy to fill a script for bio-identical hormones is the Manly Harbour Village Pharmacy in Cambridge Pde.

Formulation options

The troche can be mixed so that each individual troche contains a combination of various hormones in small doses. Women may need just one hormone, such as natural progesterone, or your blood tests may suggest that you need a combination of oestrogen, progesterone, testosterone and DHEA.

Men can have testosterone alone or with the added boost of DHEA. Menopausal women can benefit from a combination of natural oestrogens, progesterone and testosterone. Men in mid life can be given a lozenge or a cream containing testosterone which is very safe and effective. Once again, it is important that the blood levels of hormones are ascertained before the prescription is finalised.

How they work

The creams and lozenges deliver your HRT direct to the blood stream. This way it bypasses the liver and the digestive system. Nausea, a common side effect to the synthetic HRT, is eliminated.

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