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At Lifestyle Therapies you can drop into our clinic and purchase QuickLoss™, we are open Mon-Fri 7am-7.30pm and Saturday morning. You can also take advantage of our experienced health professional team for support and professional advice.

Each 50gram sachet is $4.30 and the 1kg tub is $69.95. Purchase 7 sachets and receive a QuickLoss™ Metabolic Diet menu planner. Purchase the tub and receive the QuickLoss™ Metabolic Diet menu planner and the 12 week QuickLoss™ Diary.

Get started today…

  1. Simply purchase QuickLoss™ and get started straight away.
    Buy 7 sachets and get the QuickLoss™ Metabolic Diet menu planner Buy the 1kg tub and get the QuickLoss™ Metabolic Diet menu planner and the 12 week QuickLoss™ Diary
  2. Do you think you need support and ongoing professional advice? If so Lifestyle Therapies offers two choices
    1. See Nutritionist and Naturopath Stephen Jphnson ($80 for Initial Consultation).
    2. Is there a medical reason why you have found it difficult to lose weight? There are many reasons why one finds it very difficult to lose weight, such as:
      1. Hormone imbalance
      2. Thyroid dysfunction
      3. Adrenal dysfunction
      4. Metabolic Syndrome / Hidden Diabetes
      5. Depression
    3. In these cases, it’s best to get expert medical advice and at Lifestyle Therapies we have two of the best. Dr Ibolya Szucs has worked with Dr Sandra Cabot when Sandra was a visiting clinician at Lifestyle Therapies.

So at Lifestyle Therapies we can support you in your weight loss needs and with QuickLoss™ no matter where you are at. We have helped hundreds of clients to lose weight and live pain free.

7 Pillars to a Healthy and Productive Life

Feel free to sign up to our free e-course - The 7 Pillars to a Healthy Productive Life.

Please call us on 3396 9111 today or drop into our clinic to pick up your QuickLoss and get started today.

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