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There are many websites out there containing regular health news. In my opinion some of the best are...


Sandra Cabot Weight Control Doctor

Dr Lam


Here are a few interesting features from the web...

Diet wars


Is low fat better than low carb? Is Atkins the answer?
And which diet offers long-term health ans permanent weight loss? Frontline examines the great diet debate.

Watch the video online or read interviews with Nutritionist and doctors:


Coffee and Clear Thinking

12.September 2005

Coffee has been linked with heart disease, cancer, diabetes, aging, osteoporosis, and other conditions. Almost none of these connections have been verified by research. A new study looked at coffee drinking and assessed cognitive function in over 1,500 elderly men and women in California.

Higher lifetime caffeinated coffee consumption was associated with better performance on most of the twelve tests administered, but only in women. Tea and cola consumption were asked about but these did not contribute much to caffeine intake. The study appeared in the November 2002 edition of the American Journal of Epidemiology.

The complete article is available on:


Why Cholesterol Is Such a Killer

11.September 2005

New research is illuminating the details of cholesterol's dangerous effect on human health. Researchers at Michigan State University found that cholesterol build-up lying on artery walls can crystallize into a solid, expand and then burst, sending material shooting into the bloodstream.

That chain of events kick-starts the body's natural clotting process, essentially shutting down the artery, explained lead researcher George Abela, a professor in the university's department of medicine and chief of the department's cardiology section.

The complete article is available on:

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