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The Problem With Diets

The dieting industry has been around for a very long time and is unlikely to go away in a hurry. Everyone wants to look their best and be healthy – and a “diet” is seen as the way to do it. But conventional diets do not work for a lot of people – having to continually measure what you are eating and resist the hunger pangs makes it a painful exercise. No wonder so many people end up putting more weight on after finishing a diet regime. And doctors report that repeated fluctuations in weight are unhealthy in themselves – it’s much better to reduce weight gradually and then keep it off – long term.

So What Is The Answer?

Six months ago Lifestyle Therapies set up a new weight loss program at their Manly Rd clinic with Dr Sandra Cabot, the creator of the ‘Liver Cleansing Diet’. The program, devised by Dr Cabot, is based on natural therapies and is tailored to the person’s body shape. One of the most appealing features of the Cabot diet is that clients report no longer being hungry because the regime does not rely on high volumes of carbohydrates as many commercial programs do.

The key to success in achieving weight loss is ‘permanent behavioural change’, that is adopting a new lifestyle that incorporates new dietary habits and the right amount and type of exercise, with a view to continuing this forever! Of course you can then reserve your previous lifestyle for the occasional “holiday” – as long as you go back to your new one at the end of it!

If you would like to find out more about the LPT weight loss program call LPT naturopath, herbalist and nutritionist Marcia Troya on 07 3396 9111.

The following is a case study of one of Dr Sandra Cabot’s patients.

Charlotte's Case History

My patient, Charlotte, came to see me in a desperate state. She was obsessed with the appearance of her rather large bottom, which drooped down the back of her thighs. Moreover, Charlotte’s bottom was covered with stretch marks, a testimony to the rapid and repetitive weight cycling she had experienced over the last decade.

Charlotte was an example of why fast weight loss diets don’t work, as they had decreased her muscle mass (lean body tissue) and thus after each crash diet, she found she could tolerate less calories than before. Because she could not stick to such a restrictive diet forever, within a few months of stopping her diet, all her weight loss, plus a few extra pounds would come back. Poor Charlotte had experienced this weight cycling at least a dozen times and was extremely depressed and unmotivated.

I told Charlotte that any diet that promises rapid weight loss, would end up making her fatter in the long-term and this was why her bottom and upper thighs had slowly increased over the years.

Crash Diets Don’t Work

Charlotte was a typical gynaeoid woman, very much influenced by the monthly fluctuations of her sex hormones, and she found that she gained nearly 2 kgs before every menstrual period.

Premenstrually her food cravings became worse and she binged on creamy foods and sugary quick fixes to cheer and comfort herself. I explained to Charlotte that sugar really becomes a problem when it is consumed in large doses or if it is combined with creamy, fatty foods, such as in the cream buns and layer cakes she wolfed down before her period.

Charlotte had thought that she was jinxed or terribly unlucky as on each of her crash diets she had lost weight first from her face, neck, breasts and abdomen, with her bottom and thighs remaining, amazingly, the same and full of pouchy cellulite. She was quite angry that no one had ever explained the relationship of body shape to hormonal imbalance and weight excess, as it all seemed so logical to her now. However, I explained it was a new scientific discovery.

Charlotte was eating high-calorie refined creamy foods that were stimulating her dominant ovaries to pump out more estrogen. These foods also caused fat deposition around the lower half of her body and this fatty tissue produced even more estrogen. Her high levels of estrogen caused fat to be laid down around her buttocks and thighs perpetuating her matronly derriere. Poor Charlotte was well down the road to becoming a middle-aged blimp and was frightened she would become like her gynaeoid-shaped mother who had ended up 85 kgs and 157.5 cm at the age of fifty-five.

Start Of Body Shaping Diet…

Now that Charlotte understood the link between her gynaeoid shape, hormonal imbalance, and weight problem she was ready to stick to an eating plan that could bring these three factors into harmony. She realised that her binges of creamy and sugary foods were not only making her fat, but also causing fatigue and slowly eroding her health. She was finally craving good health and well-being more than she was craving fat and refined sugar.

Charlotte was now ready to begin and stick to the Body Shaping Diet designed for the gynaeoid woman. At this point Charlotte weighed 68 kgs at a height of 157 cm putting her body mass index at just over 27 (a healthy BMI is 18.5 - 24.9).

I explained to Charlotte that she must avoid the saturated fats found in full-cream dairy products, fried foods, creamy foods, processed foods and takeaway foods. Alcohol was also on the forbidden list as it is very high in calories and contains natural estrogens, which in Charlotte’s case were plentiful enough.

Charlotte went off armed with the Body Shaping Diet and an appointment to see me in six weeks. When she returned she bounced into my clinic looking energetic and I noted the big improvement in her complexion. She was delighted with her loss of over 3 kgs because for the first time in her life she had lost it from her bottom and thighs. She remarked that, although the rate of weight loss was slower than with her previous crash diets, she was finding it easy as she was not tired and really enjoyed the nutritious foods in the Body Shaping Diet. Her cravings for junk food had gone and she felt more inclined to exercise regularly. I told her to stick to the diet for the gynaeoid woman and return in eight weeks.

Twelve Months Later…

Next time I saw Charlotte she had lost another 4 kgs and was wearing a close-fitting pair of denim jeans and looked slinky and attractive. She was doing it for herself and was more confident. The confidence came from inside Charlotte, as she could see that the cellulite was disappearing from her bottom and thighs and the shape of her body was changing in a way she had always desired.

Twelve months after starting the Body Shaping Diet Charlotte weighed 53.5 kgs and could fit into a size ten pair of jeans. She was still a gynaeoid shaped woman, but her fat cells had re-distributed themselves more evenly throughout her body and were no longer all concentrated in her bottom and thighs. Charlotte liked herself and what’s more she liked the feeling of being in control of her body.

Dr Cabot’s books can be found at LPT and any good book store.

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