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Dr Cabot’s statement re the adverse publicity of Bio-identical Hormones.

Sydney Morning Herald Article “Cancer Alert as hand-made hormones tested on women”, Dated 13/8/06

The recent publicity about the “cancer – causing dangers of bio-identical HRT” is confusing and frightening for Australian women. The Herald should have interviewed more doctors and chemists who use this type of HRT – this way they would get a more balanced and helpful perspective from the voices of experience.

But of course – this does not sell newspapers!

In particular please note

  1. These “handmade hormones” are made by experienced, trained and qualified professional chemists
  2. These “handmade hormones” are prescribed by trained and qualified medical doctors
  3. The women who think they are getting “herbs” instead of “hormones” are the minority; they have probably been clients of the “Menopause Institute”, which is a business (not a medical institute). The ‘Menopause Institute” is currently in court with the ACCC. The “Menopause Institute” has advertised natural bio-identical HRT as herbs, which is not correct – they are hormones and need to be prescribed and monitored carefully.
  4. The Herald says that the hormone “testosterone” is not an approved hormone for women in Australia – what rubbish! Testosterone has been used in women for over 20 years; the media should get their facts straight if they are trying to scare women.
  5. DHEA is NOT banned in Australia – it is available on a doctor’s prescription and is currently being used in a clinical trial in Melbourne by Professor Susan Davis – the initial results are promising.
  6. There has been significant research into bio-identical HRT - Women are not guinea pigs – they are not that stupid and don’t need to be insulted.

However, compounding chemist Richard Stenlake is correct, “there needs to be more regulation of the HRT industry”. This takes time and is beginning to happen.

However we don’t want to make the cost of something as harmless and beneficial as natural progesterone prohibitive for the average woman.

As everything in life, we need a balance.

  1. Bio-identical HRT has been around since the 1940s. Natural progesterone has been used extensively since the 1950s by English physician Dr Katharina Dalton, who was a dedicated pioneer for women’s health and women’s rights. Dr Dalton was an expert and helped hundreds of thousands of women with natural progesterone treatment.
  2. We know that some forms of conventional HRT such as Premarin, Provera, Livial etc increase the risk of blood clots, strokes and breast cancer, and yet these things are still prescribed for women today!
  3. Drug companies don’t like bio-identical HRT as they cannot patent a natural substance

To get the real true unbiased facts on the great benefits and the risks of bio-identical HRT – Read DR Cabot’s books “HRT – The Real Truth- Balance your hormones naturally and swing from the chandeliers!” and “Hormones – Don’t Let Them Ruin Your Life”.

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